Meet Beverly

Beverly Demas made some money selling real estate on the internet over a twelve year period. She then built her retirement home in beautiful St. George, Utah and began to go about the business of being happily retired…

But then along came CHOCOLATE – HEALTHY chocolate that is – and she’s a gourmet chocolate lover! When she found that she could eat pretty much all the chocolate she could ever want day after day and it actually did good things to her bod, she fell head over heals sweet on the deal and began to indulge in delicious healthy chocolate dreams.

We’re talking unique Gourmet Dark Belgian Chocolate made by a patented cold press process that preserves almost all of the healthy goodness of cacao. To that, the Belgian manufacturer mixes in Acai and Blueberry, perhaps the next two most powerful antioxidants known to man. (Free radicals in your bod are the cause of aging and nasty things – antioxidants mess with those free radicals – and that makes this new chocolate real good for you!)

Not only was she interested in the new chocolate, when she discovered that some people were making REAL good money introducing healthy chocolate to the world, she decided to carve out for herself a healthy portion of that global chocolate pie! (A billion people eat chocolate every day – imagine being paid a penny for every one of those pieces of daily chocolate!)

So, real estate’s on the back burner – healthy chocolate’s what she’s focused on now!

Feel free to post questions or comments about me and the new cold pressed healthy chocolate that I think is definetly destined to sweep the world of chocolate lovers once the word’s out there.


About Chocolate Tonight

Chocolate Tonight is presented by Marcel & Beverly, owners of My Healthiest Chocolate Shop.
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