Xocolatl – Ancient Mayan Royal Drink – Today’s Chocolate!


Cacao Pod

Chocolate. It’s a word associated with “candy,” and is often stereotyped as contributing to obesity, acne, and cavities. However, it may surprise you to know that an impressive and rapidly growing body of research, as well as thousands of years of traditional use, point to chocolate (specifically cacao) as being effective in supporting and protecting the body’s systems.

The use of cacao originated with the Olmec civilization over 3,500 years ago. Later Mayans and Aztecs utilized the potent botanical in a nutrient-rich beverage called “xocolatl.” Xocolatl is praised in historical texts for its stamina- and energy-building properties, and eventually became a favorite delicacy of the European elite…



About Chocolate Tonight

Chocolate Tonight is presented by Marcel & Beverly, owners of My Healthiest Chocolate Shop.
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