Glenn Beck Leaves Tea Party – Runs for Chocolate Party

Glenn Beck Leaves Tea Party – Runs for Chocolate Party
Search Glenn Beck, Obama, Sarah Palin, or Tea Party. Pick a paragraph and replace the words Beck, Obama, Palin, and Tea with the word Chocolate. Then Lighten up America and melt the hearts of Americans by posting your comment or favorite Chocolate Recipe on this Sweet Blog. 
Sweetest Winners will receive free Healthiest Chocolate Collectibles from My Healthiest Chocolate Shop.
 For Example
Hello America
“Known for his quick wit, candid opinions and engaging personality, Glenn Chocolate has attracted millions of viewers and listeners throughout the United States…”
Yes we Can
“Building on the movement that elected President Chocolate by empowering communities across the country to bring about an agenda of change…”
Sarah’s So Sweet
Sarah Louise Chocolate is an American politician, author, speaker, and political news commentator who served as the Governor of Alaska from 2006 …”
Tea Party Sweetener
“The Chocolate Party’s protests are a series of nationally-coordinated protests across the United States beginning in early 2009. The protests are part of a …”
Post your Chocolate Instead Comment
Then in the Recipe Categories share your favorite Chocolate Recipe.

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Chocolate Tonight is presented by Marcel & Beverly, owners of My Healthiest Chocolate Shop.
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One Response to Glenn Beck Leaves Tea Party – Runs for Chocolate Party

  1. Please help get the word out about this topic, I’m looking forward to seeing some great chocolate humor, thanks.

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